Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Ubuntu Private Server

Although I've always dreamed big, having a GoDaddy private (dedicated) server can be expensive. Their lowest-end, cheapest server might have some pretty decent specs, but also at a whopping $63 per month with a two year contract. Although the disk space, bandwidth, and RAM all stack up well, it's much easier to get your own private server. A private server will often come with lower costs and several benefits, although you miss out on some things.

Things You Lose

  • Secure server location

  • Low chance of data loss

  • System rarely fails

  • Better network security

  • Higher power and bandwidth uptime

The tradeoffs, however, are enormous if you are on a budget. A personal dedicated server can offer lower monthly costs and tremendous long-run benefits. Plus, if you have enough skill, you can ensure that you don't lose many of the other benefits.

  • Higher beginning costs, because you have to buy the server.

  • You can always just geting something cheap to put Linux on.

  • Could use an old system lying around

  • Direct console access

  • Absolutely no limits to what you can put on there

  • Could get more bandwidth through a regular ISP

  • Lower monthly costs (merely to the ISP and for power)

  • Could make an equally secure network with enough talent

  • Could get a Universal Power Battery to keep uptime high

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